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Shred Sled – Better Than A Skateboard

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The Shred Sled is the killer combination between a Snowboard and a Skateboard. Kids love carving their neighborhood streets just like they would carve on a snowy mountain if they were snowboarding. The Shred Sled was recently shown on the Today Show, and the buzz is growing rapidly. Ride the wave of growing buzz and start promoting the Shred sled.

The Shred Sled is an evolution beyond the Ripstik, which you may remember as the still successful phenonemon from a few years back. The difference is that the Shred Sled’s four in-line wheels (the Ripstik has just two) deliver a far smoother carving ride. Just as all roller skates became in-line skates, Shred Sled delivers better control and a better ride than early caster boards.

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