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Banjo Minnow – Complete 100 Piece Fishing System

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The new Banjo 006 Minnow incorporates new enhanced “swimming cuts” making it easy to swim the new minnow! It looks exactly like a real fish, swims exactly like a real fish but most importantly, it can mimic the spastic action of a wounded dying minnow. The new patented detachable eyes provide more versatility than ever and come in 2 different weights so you can fish in deeper water!

Predator fish are genetically programmed to attack and eat crippled or dying minnows. The Banjo Minnows ability to perfectly duplicate that spastic action creates an illusion so life like that it triggers a genetic response and compels fish to bite even if they are not hungry. In clear water with reasonable visibility, the Banjo Minnow will out fish any other fishing lure in existence today.

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