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Cronkite DVD Set

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The life and legacy of Walter Cronkite. Own the 8-part series featured on the Discovery Channel. Years after his retirement, Walter Cronkite invites you into his living room for an incredible personal retrospective of the historical events that shaped our world and made him the most trusted voice in America.

It’s an amazing DVD collection that spans over 50 years! Find out what you didn’t know about..

* Lunar Landing
* Cold War & Cuban Missile Crisis
* Assasinations – JFK, RFK, Oswald, MLK
* Vietnam & LBJ – Inside Hanoi Hilton

You’ll also get a personal look at…

* Living in a post Hitler-Europe
* McCarthy years – Personal look at the Hollywood Black List
* Watergate & Nixon
* Race to Space – Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Challenger

All of this told in the only way Walter Cronkite could.

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