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The study and the creative design of Porta-Book is a lightweight multi-functional portable stand, extremely durable, being strong enough to support the weight of a laptop computer or various book sizes. The standard Porta-Book has two elastic (gray and black) bands that are different in diameter with the black being thinner to hold open a book. The use of the double elastic was invented to hold a laptop computer in place or keep a book open that tends to close. The gray and the black used together, stabilize a laptop from sliding beyond the support.

Changing the elastic band fastening position to the inward or outward positioning holes found on the reverse side can easily regulate the elastic band tension. The pearlized Porta-Book has a characteristic formation of color deriving from the quality of material used. The base of the Porta-Book has a curved support border for easy, space-saving transportation and if needed, allows the placement of a laptop computer to extend over the support border for comfortable viewing adjustment.

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