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Zip Offenders – Sex Offender Locator

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Sex Offenders are 70% more likely to be arrested for molesting a child 13 years old or younger. According to the Office of Justice Statistics in 1994 alone there were approximately 234,000 offenders convicted of rape or sexual assault under the care, custody, or control of corrections agencies; nearly 60% of these sex offenders are under conditional supervision in the community. Of released sex offenders who allegedly committed another sex crime, 40% perpetrated the new offense within a year or less from their prison discharge.

By using Zippofenders nationwide database you are able to retrieve a large quantity of very targeted information, such as addresses of offenders in your area, their names aliases, pictures, and offense types. With our advance sex offender mapping capabilities you will be able to view offender locations and their proximity to your place of residence, schools, as well as any other selected locations.

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