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T3 PRO EverTwirl Curling Iron delivers quick, long-lasting styling results, leaving hair shiny, smooth, frizz-free, and totally healthy-looking. This fast-heating tress tool has an advanced heat retention system to maintain consistent and even temperatures during styling. Its temperature is adjustable (up to 410°F) and easily visible on a digital dial. The tourmaline, ceramic, and silver-infused barrel is designed for maximum heat conduction and ionic benefits.

This advanced mane-mastering must-have comes with a user-friendly spring handle, a professional-length 10-foot cord, and a heat-resistant mat. It is available in a 1 1/4″ barrel size for looser, sexy waves.

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Review by Olafia Lesko, March 21, 2011

Best of any curling iron i have ever owned, you can tell its going to last a long time. the motions are smooth but contained enough so its not too easy to burn yourself. It hasn’t fried my hair yet which is awesome cause i have frail blond hair.

Best gift ever!!!!

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Review by MSN, April 7, 2009

What it does: The large-barrel curling iron will keep your curls loose, pretty and not at all poodlelike. Wrap one-inch sections of hair around the iron and hold for 15 seconds. Spritz the coils with hairspray, then gently break them apart with your fingers.

Screw-up factor: It takes a few tries to get the hang of how to twirl ‘n’ curl without singeing your forehead. (We’ve got the scars to prove it.)

Works best on: Chin-length hair or longer. If you’ve got a short cut, keep iron in place for just 10 seconds to get a looser wave—tight curls can create nonflattering volume (aka the bobble-head look).

Final verdict: It’s a little expensive for a curling iron, but then again T3 is like the Mercedes-Benz of hair care: Their products aren’t cheap, but the results are flawless and the tool is not going to break down on you any time soon.

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