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EZ Comb – Free Black Bermuda EZ Comb

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Create dozens of dazzling hairstyles instantly! EZ Combs are perfect for any occasion and works on any hair type. Using EZ Combs is as easy as 1, 2 3. Simply slide one end of the EZ Comb and then stretch it around your hair. Then slide in on the other side and that’s it!

This Exclusive Internet Offer Includes:
* The Caramel Bronze EZ Comb
* The Dazzling Silver EZ Comb
* Free Classic Bermuda Black EZ Comb
* Free Step By Step DVD
* Free Style Guide

One Review

Review by MSN, April 7, 2009

as reviewed on MSN.com

What it does: Yes, those “As seen on TV” ads can be a little hokey, but this stretchy set of combs actually works. Simply brush your hair back, stick one of the combs behind your ear, then streeeetch the other comb over to the opposite side of your head. Secure behind your other ear and go.

Screw-up factor: Getting the comb placed in the exact middle of your head—and not off to one side—takes a few tries. And while the infomercial may say otherwise, the metallic versions are too glitztastic to wear to work.

Works best on: Fine or thick hair, chin-length or longer. Can be used for ponytails or buns or arranged like a headband.

Final verdict: When strapped over a bun, the EZ Comb looks kinda Ice Capades-y, but at 10 bucks, it costs way less—and is more easily restyled—than the shellacked updo you might get from the salon.

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